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A pastor, teacher, and trained life coach, Doug Fletcher is committed to the life of the spirit and to life together, to deepening the conversations we have with God and with others in order to build relationships and understanding in communities, churches and families.

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The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need

The Only Prayer You'll Ever Need
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Now more than ever we need authentic authorities to navigate the uncharted life we now live. In an ever more fractured world, many of us find ourselves without a path forward, one that connects the life of the individual to the larger community. Pastor Douglas Fletcher offers In The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need, a pathway available to all in The Lord’s Prayer, a prayer that invites us into critical conversations; this one simple prayer, when deeply understood, he believes, can sustain us throughout a lifetime.

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What Others Are Saying About Douglas K Fletcher

He connects the dots for us

When I first heard Doug Fletcher speak I knew I had found a new voice for thoughts that mattered to me and may well matter to you.

In The Only Prayer You’ll Need Doug has a way of getting to the very heart of things; he doesn’t just teach, he connects the dots for us. Using his ideas as a jumping off point has allowed me to discover and refine my own ideas. It’s a plunge I would encourage everyone to take.

~ Gary Keller, C.E.O. Keller Williams Realty, New York Times bestselling author of The One Thing

Simple, Transformative Conversations with God

What a gift The Only Prayer You Will Ever Need is! It challenges the reader to examine the words of prayer and use them as a framework to achieve our best life. Never have we needed this book more than in today’s challenging world of COVID-19 and this time of a necessary reckoning leading to racial and social unrest. Thank you, Douglas Fletcher, for inspiring us to reach greater heights through simple, transformative conversations with God.

Jane T. Upshaw, Distinguished Chancellor Emerita, University of South Carolina Beaufort, current Chair of the Pat Conroy Literary Center board of directors

Pray for Grace Under Pressure

As Counselor to a President, I found words from Doug’s words from sermons or notes inspiring and guiding me – on 911, it was an email from Doug that made me realize Psalm 23 should be part of the President Bush’s address to the nation that night.

Now every time I face a difficult situation I pray a prayer inspired by one of Douglas Fletcher’s sermons in which he talked about how we all face pressure in our lives and how we shouldn’t try to avoid pressure but should pray for grace under pressure. His wisdom has guided and inspired me through several decades. Now THE ONLY PRAYER YOU’LL EVER NEED can help all of us get through difficult times.

Karen Hughes, former Counselor to the president and Undersecretary of State author of NYT best-selling book Ten Minutes from Normal
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